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Who your gift will help

Stigma and discrimination are among the foremost barriers to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.” – UNAIDS

The next generation should be free of stigma and discrimination from HIV. Donate and become part of the Good Samaritan family who will be an instrumental part of END AIDS in Africa. We work with communities within Africa to ensure every woman, child and man is not discriminated because of being affected or infected by HIV.

Help place Bibles in the waiting hands and open hearts of orphans.

It only takes $5 to provide a Bible for a hurting child. Your gift will be doubled in impact thanks to the $250,000 Matching Challenge to help:

Abused, abandoned and hopeless orphans who need to know they have a loving Father

Children living in group homes who are looking for love, joy, hope, and peace

Forgotten boys and girls who need to read about the greatest gift of all — Jesus Christ


Since 1816 donors to American Bible Society have had the assurance that their contributions are faithfully providing God’s Word to others.


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